Cristina just got back from school.

Everyone has vulnerabilities.

They fled in all possible directions.

He likes flamboyant clothes.

No place in the world is as beautiful as the Swiss Alps.

I fried one.

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I arrived here safely early this morning.


She depends on her husband for everything.

Every march is composed of discrete steps.

Maybe we can make a deal.


He was curious about how it would taste, so he took a small bite.

I told Loren a few jokes.

Ask if someone wants to talk about the accident.

I told him it was time to quit.

Were you surprised to see us?

It's about time you were independent of your parents.

Elsa has always had trouble reading between the lines.


His last album garnered him a fourth Grammy award.

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Where're you going?

The winner was Hohn.

Why did you poison us?

We buy stationery in bulk.

His attendance is irregular.


You'll have to notify your boss about that.

Andrea is a really good golfer.

I'm pretty sure Sri won't do anything crazy.

Flying kites can be dangerous.

The bird's feathers were all of pure gold.


Take it away.

Give him a second.

Zero comes before one.

Leave me alone so I can get some sleep.

In the past, the boys were taught to fend for themselves while still very young.


For this reason I cannot agree with you.

I told Roxie exactly what I saw.

Erwin says he wants me to leave, but I don't think he really means it.

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He prayed to God to help the poor girl.

Jeanette doesn't want to speak to you.

Dan received a note from Linda asking him to meet her outside.

The problem is, I don't have anything to say to him.

My brother caught a big fish.


Virgilius went to court, and demanded justice from the emperor against the men who had robbed him.


I thought Niall didn't know how to speak French.

You were worried, weren't you?

I know what men are like. They only want one thing.

The good driver wove his way through the traffic.

Give us what we want.


Tonight, I'll stay at home.

She greeted him cheerfully.

Remote forest clearings turn out to be great places for raves.


Why did I buy flowers? Is that what you just said? It's really noisy here so I couldn't hear you very well.

What wasn't easy?

I want to play better.

Eli is clearly disappointed.

This room is very stuffy.

We lost everything in the flood.

The washbasin is made of granite.

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Misfortune dogged him all his life.

She's caused me a lot of trouble.

Ronald and Clare are going to play tennis this afternoon.

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It's for sale.

Marc was assaulted.

Miles saw that Ernst was losing it.

Cecilia is waiting for Amir.

She knows who the father is.


I'll see you later.

I'm your assistant.

Skip refused to help me.

Can I count on you both to be there?

Kenton can be a little difficult to get along with.

The Russian armed forces decommissioned many intercontinental missiles.

The gophers here are so annoying.


If he could go to the concert, he would be glad.

I can come back another time.

I bought a jacket without a collar.

How fast that horse runs!

Earth is the third closest planet to the Sun.

I'm not sure I want to do that.

What if my parents find out?

The man is visiting Moscow.

You must examine that issue.

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The grape harvest is done manually.

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Tran and Howard had been married for three years by then.

The day was exhausting.

People always seem to enjoy talking about other people's problems.

Gigi saw the file.

Pilot handed Tracy a glass of red wine.


The rain became snow.


If Nora were here, we wouldn't have a problem.

Milner was elected in 2013.

You have a go. I can't seem to get it to work.

Vincenzo volunteers.

How many hours a day do you spend in your office?

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I have a wonderful plan.

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She is much cleverer than she looks.

Hal checked the list.

Where's your girlfriend, Liber?

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We all hate him.

She let slip that she had found out about her brother's embarrassing little secret.

Of course I won't smoke in the dining car.

We should leave nothing to chance.

I want you to be nice to them.

Every girl in the class had a crush on Cathryn.

Van asked Elliott many times to let him go home early, but she wouldn't let him.

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It is inconceivable that he could ever be elected president.


They will harvest their wheat in July.

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She's tired from overwork.


He doesn't want to live in a less developed country.

The inventor is known all over the world.

He has a good position in a government office.

I think I liked you better the way you were before.

He handed in his answer sheet.

Jos is used to talking to children.

Clyde begged Jeanette not to tell his parents about what had happened.

He played a trick on his friend.

In 1493, the Vatican gave America to Spain and granted Africa to Portugal, "so that barbarous nations be reduced to the Catholic faith".

I'll walk your dog for you if you like.

I want you to meet them.

I suggest we wait for one more hour.

Reconnaissance satellite is a military satellite capable of monitoring many activities on earth, eavesdrop lines, registering the operating frequency of the radar systems...


Let him do as he likes.


Angus is very secretive.


I'm just looking around.

Mike, do planes usually shake like this?

I just acquired some land that's contiguous to your farm.


You shouldn't just give up.

Paul is always groping women.

Boyd must've been surprised.


Edward Bernays gives me the willies.

Panzer misunderstood me.

I wish I could speak French as well as you do.


Blake did the work himself.

Now we wait.

She is just a little girl.

We are having a mild winter.

Kyung is hung over.


I feel alive.


Rusty volunteered a good deal of his time to helping those less fortunate than himself.

His real name was Mastro Antonio, but everyone called him Mastro Cherry, for the tip of his nose was so round and red and shiny that it looked like a ripe cherry.

I wish I had learned this in school.


Both Erik and Irfan are dog owners.

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I'm going to give you one more chance.


Have you gotten yours?


I have a very small nose.

A nation's hope of lasting peace cannot be firmly based upon any race in armaments but rather upon just relations and honest understanding with all other nations.

Perhaps we can help.


I've heard of pseudomyopia, but I never thought my own child would come to have it.

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How did you know I wanted to speak to Sekar?


He said, "Let's take a short rest."

I'll pay.

The recipe serves six people.


Our school was founded in 1990.

How come you never told me about Per?

Jarmo was saying he didn't believe that Honzo had a driver's license.

How much can you pay?

Don't spend too much money.