It is false that equality is a law of nature. Nature makes nothing equal, her sovereign law is subordination and dependence.

You've lied to us, haven't you?

Butler disagreed at first, but has now come around to our point of view.

I don't see anyone wearing a hat.

Nothing is more difficult to a noble person than a rich banquet, especially when the prime seats are taken by idiots.

Jeans are just jeans. Why did you spend so much money on designer jeans?

This neighborhood has more homeless people than you can shake a stick at.

I think that all the world's languages are very interesting.

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Tahsin tore the letter to pieces.

If one does not have a hobby, his life may be desolate.

Do you think money will buy her happiness?

They'll want Pandora.

I don't know what that means.

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Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are family.

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It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

It'll be a while until we're ready.

Bigamy is when you have one wife too many.

You're unpleasant.

If the work is to be completed before June, more people will have to make more effort.

Cynthia came in and handed Dorothy an envelope.

Shane might have borrowed the money he needed from someone else.


Nils can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.

I need a table that's a bit farther away from the policemen.

Is it all there?


No one who works forty hours a week should live in poverty.

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Miraculously, none of them died.

Roxana is in real good shape.

We're pupils.

You should polish your shoes before you go to the party.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, and getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly are key ways to reduce your risk of dementia.

What do you guys think of us?

I asked her out, but she said no.

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This door is opened only from outside.


We need to make some changes.

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Sehyo knows something that we don't know.

I swear it's true.

Money is tight right now.

Marika loves her language, Finnish.

What's not clear?

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And how do you know that?

Willie is more experienced in business than me.

They come in various shapes.

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Are airplane tickets expensive?

Stay out of the kitchen.

In 1918, revolts due to the price of rice erupted all around the country.

We are in two.

Kerry's hands are tied behind his back.

She got a cool million dollars a day.

This is my mother's restaurant.

She had a healthy baby.

He was easily deceived and gave her some money.

I'll go and talk to them.

You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.

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My parents don't approve of my girlfriend.

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It's not rocket science.

Adlai doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

We'll never get across the river without a boat.

I'm sure you must have a lot of questions.

I assume you found them.

I am going to apply for a scholarship.

I'm pretty sure that Jack is not still interested in Lisa.


I got off at the park.

He speaks both English and French.

Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?

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Three hours is a long time to wait.

I'm not sure I want to do that.

Ray loves coming here since he thinks this place serves the only fast food worth eating.


From what material is the frame of your glasses?


I only went to the party to fulfill my societal obligations.

This shirt costs more than fifty dollars.

His behavior is contrary to his belief.

Let's get up.

It's natural that she should get angry.

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I rarely watch documentaries.

Please turn off the gas.

I was confused by the expression on her face.

Give me ten minutes.

She wrote a novel about vampires.


By all means stop in to see us.


My son is busy studying for the examinations tomorrow.


You're right, there's a lot to do. Let's get started then!

Hundreds of ships left American ports.

That's what I said to them.

Takeshi is always bossed around by his sisters.

The heavy snow prevented me from going out.

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I feel so lonely that I want someone to talk with.

Every individual has to understand what is right for himself.

A few months later he left the rock band.

I could stay with you.

Brandy didn't do anything to deserve this.

Jackye is a reasonable man.

While Pseudo and Co. wage their war on the new site, I've been happily posting here, and reaping a few green orbs for it. During the times that I didn't get green orbs, for example on short comments that I never wanted to get rated anyway, I chose to stay quiet about it not because I want to show that I'm emotionally strong, or being the bigger man or anything. Of course I get upset about it. I like green! Their cyan-and-lower ratings not only bring down my average, but also look ugly on my green-themed posts. Basically, it rustles my jimmies by more than a little bit. Before, as some of you know, I might have started to complain about I don't want my comments to get rated when it's something trivial. Yet I choose not to reply because I know that what I have to say will likely be met with hostility, based on my experience with Fig Hunters.

If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep?

That's cute.

I've been giving this a lot of thought.

Maybe that'll be enough.

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Nathan gave the dog a piece of meat.

It looks like a lot of people have come out to take part in the competition.

Look! There's a plane taking off.

This book will help you write effectively.

Jane showed me how to make pizza.

You can't buy advertising like that.

Sharon said he just needed more time.

He didn't turn up after all.

This girl is my girlfriend.

This will cheer you up.

Are you also German?

Your boots are ruined.

All visitors are welcome.

I smell bacon.

We need to be prepared for trouble.

The blare of the radio burst upon our ears.

Is that the best you can do?


I had plenty of time to talk to many friends.


We're just starting.


I need light plates because today my family is going to eat lunch in the park.


I got a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

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He was groomed from a young age to take over the family business.

He meditates on his past life.

He tried to kill himself.

I'd never seen Kent cry before.

Do you know why this is happening?

French is a very interesting language.

No one understands what's going on.

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Bad habits are not easily broken.

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Please remind me to post the letters.

He doesn't turn to that work.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.


He values honor above anything else.

I told Ozan to make his move.

Booth broke his leg when he hit the stage floor.

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We may not be able to stop you.

Knute looked at the schedule.

You need to let me handle this.

Let's elope.

The prize money enabled me to go on a world cruise.

The girl was aware of the danger.

I hope that she will help me.


Was he a paratrooper?

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Please divide the pizza into three parts.


This is the man whose cars were stolen.


Let's hear about it.

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Why can't you just tell me what I want to know?

Don't you call him Sean?

It is a question of my bread and butter.

I fully agree with all of you.

Maybe she died with a falafel in her hands.

I'm going to have a talk with Tim.

I gained two kilos this summer.

I need a nurse now.

It rained for ten days straight.

Her words gave me hope.

The burglar must have entered the mansion from the roof.

Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat.

I didn't expect such a nasty response to my question.

Clyde didn't believe it at first.

Is there a discount if you pay in cash?

His overcoat is worn out.

Join the sports revolution.

My common-law husband and I have been living in Texas and now want to validate our common-law marriage so that it is legally recognized.

It's getting ugly.

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I fell asleep on the train.