I should get back there.

Tell me about your children.


What language do you speak at home?


Louis has bitten off more than he can chew.


This is a message from Part.


I didn't want to waste any time.

It's about time you got married.

It wasn't my idea.

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I can't be away from my wife for that long.

All his sentences are short.

I don't need a lecture.

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In research, English is the language to be used.

Joe is my colleague.

I'm not going to show any fear.

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He was drinking.

Meeks turned himself in to the police.

I'm just not interested.


Are my children OK?


The house was on the verge of collapse.


I don't like the look of that.

He walked along the river.

She penned a tell-all memoir of her affair with the president.

Shaw looks wounded.

He's doesn't have a head for numbers.


He was too curious.

What ever gave you that idea?

He may have missed the bus.

I want quick action subsequent to the decision.

She means it.

"Did Jesus walk over water and then turn it into wine?" "No, that's a different story!"

This car gets good gas mileage.

Charlie was looking for some people to help him move his piano.

Here's my telephone number.


I'm at your service, sir.

Pravin felt Gil's forehead.

I need another project like I need a hole in the head.


I'm told you're a good teacher.

The cardinal directions are: north, south, east, and west.

Please take me to them.


I didn't hear Hubert leave.

It took me several hours to read it.

The dog began to run.


What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!


My father died when the cherry blossoms were at their best.

Woody may have lost his way.

He lived a wretched life when young.


I appreciate your suggestion.

Dorothy and Kazuhiro both feel the same way about that.

They went to an expensive restaurant for lunch.


You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

There was a tap at the door.

When does the book need to be returned?


Arnold bought himself an expensive watch.

She's trying to create a sense of identity through several sources.

He left for Tokyo on urgent business by the 7 o'clock express this morning.

Yes. He swims fastest in our school.

The moon is already up.


I didn't send an email to anyone today.

He doesn't care for sweet things.

What does "oncology" mean?

Everybody knows that he lost his leg in the war.

Has it started snowing yet?

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Henry was afraid that he was going to make a mistake.

Did Brett say anything about his accident?

It could mean anything.

I doubt your good sense.

He would never lie to me.

It's better than it was before.

Wade is depending on you.

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The one who has rendered a service should hold his tongue; it is up to the one who has received it to speak.

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She answered him with cold civility.


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind.

Could you speak to him?

Pilots must be well-trained in English.


Clark and Piete awoke to find water lapping at the door of their tent.

I thought you were going to come straight home.

Jef is teaching me how to swim.

What is it that you want to know?

I've got some great ideas but I need money.


Father has recently come back to Japan.

Despite everything I think it's possible and necessary to beat them.

I want to get better.

"Why don't you wish a little harder?" asked the little white rabbit.

You're a loser.


There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

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The investigation is complete.

Louie asked Ann if she'd seen John.

How did the accident happen?

I'm glad you're not dead.

This time, he got results.

I'm not rich but have so much to offer.

The boy asked his mother a question.

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Why is this only in French?

You're staying with them, right?

He comes to Tokyo once a year.

You're like her.

She is nobody's fool.

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The doctor said, "There's nothing worse for your health than tobacco.

Let's try to sleep.

I want to give you a hug.

How exactly did Jock get injured?

"You must not like sashimi, right?" "What do you mean? I love sashimi!"

Breathe in, breathe out.

Glynn was the one who wrote this story.


Get down on the ground.


I can't pinpoint the problem.

I'm almost sure.

He neither spoke nor wept, but went out in silence.

You should've learned that in school.

They got up.

It was the best time of my life.

I'm going to give you a friend's address.

They arrived separately.

If he makes that face it's because he's nervous.


It is unintelligible speech.

She was raised by her grandmother.

Japanese eat three meals a day.

She couldn't come on account of being busy.

Help me up.


Pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes.


You must not make a noise at the table.

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Something's wrong with Luke.

Let me know if you find anything.

Should I cut the red wire or the green one?

His absence yesterday was due to his cold.

I'm lucky to have this.

Maybe Charles is stupid.

He gave me a thrashing.

The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

Can I go outside?

He held his tongue and didn't say a word.

After a hearty dinner, Willie thanked the host.

The church is decorated with flowers for the wedding.

Billy has to stop doing this.

I ought to have written the letter yesterday.

I heard her come here.

My camera is a Nikon.

I owe two months' rent for my room.

That's plausible.

He said the truth.


Everyone in the room laughed.


He has the habit of spitting on the ground.

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What's your blood type?

Joubert has fewer friends than Lois.

Floyd loves Kristen and she loves him.

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Unsaturated fats are essential to a healthy diet.

Raghu wasn't rich.

Marcos said that he'd be more than happy to help Milo weed the garden.

Knapper came into the room a few minutes after Michelle.

I hope that it is fine tomorrow.

She nagged her husband incessantly about minor things.

Harris sliced the banana with a knife.

Girls aren't complicated. Men are simple.

You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

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If I go, you'll be all alone.

The angry mob wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy.

According to her, he will not go.

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Michael Phelps won another gold medal at 31 years old.