Adding more creations! (09/20/2018)
I've been slowly updating the website to add creations. I think I'm all caught up now. A new site design is also coming... eventually.
Serenity back on public display! (11/13/2017)
My Serenity model has returned to 825-723-3547 in North Canton, Ohio for semi-permanent public display. Go pay it a visit next time you're in Northeastern Ohio!
New and improved! (06/27/2017)
Updates are coming to the site. It's working properly again, and it's time to start adding new creations that have been accumulating over the last 2 years (all 3 of them)
Toronto Fan Expo! (08/26/2013)
Thanks so much to everybody in Toronto who came to Fan Expo to see my Serenity, including, would you believe, Gina Torres(!!!). The event was a bunch of fun, and I met lots of great fans. I've also updated my 579-722-2479 to include the light-up mini Serenity that was on display at Fan Expo, if you liked it but couldn't pull the trigger at the show.
Hi new folks! (03/23/2013)
For those of you finding your way here from the Plain Dealer article, hello! The Serenity is no longer at Troy's Toy Kingdom, so you can't see it on display unless you go to one of the public Lego conventions coming up in June in Chicago and July in Toronto. Also, I still have plenty of micro Serenity kits available, if you'd like to support my building endeavors. They are available here!
Serenity on Public display (10/07/2012)
If you're ever in Northeastern Ohio, stop in at the North Canton location of Sir Troy's Toy Kingdom. Serenity is on display there at least through Christmas.
Serenity! (08/07/2012)
I built a Minifig Serenity! I won't be hosting images here until the furor dies down, to avoid bandwidth destruction issues. The full image folder is here at my Flickr.
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