Ghosts are real for those who believe in them.

He has overstepped his authority.

There's a big hole.

Liber won't have any trouble finding someone to help.


He is inclined to look at everything from the standpoint of its practicality and is neither stingy nor extravagant.

The new houses are of a uniform height.

In 2014 Scotland may become an independent state.

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"Can I say it in this way as well?" "Yes, that's fine too."


Since this is your neck of the woods, maybe you can tell us where to find a good pizza joint.


What did you say you gave her for her birthday?

We're going to get out of here.

It was really nice chatting with you.

I'll never work for Hughes no matter how much he promises to pay me.

I couldn't tell the twins apart.

Please come and see me if you have time.

This isn't a competition.


Everybody has the right to seek happiness.


She is sore everywhere.


It isn't going to hurt.

It's not like you have anything better to do.

I've got to go to Boston next week.

There isn't time.

What's today's special?

I wasn't confident at all.

You were angry, weren't you?

The airplane was at the mercy of the strong wind.

I thought you left with him.

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Are you her pimp?

I felt something move in the house.

He suggested that I accompany him to the party.

So what?

Shut up and pay attention.

It looks fabulous on you!

Let's give it a rest.

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Jiri assured me that it won't happen.

I'd like to hear you sing your new song.

On the whole, I agree with you.


She's your daughter, too.

I heard your voice, but couldn't see you.

We call this mountain Tsurugidake.


Taurus promised he'd help William.

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I can't wait for the war to end.

He is a hard man to approach.

He became inarticulate after just a couple of beers.

Ginny didn't ask.

I can see you're upset. What's wrong?

Why are you siding with Rahul?

The NPD is likely to enter the Landtag.

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Don't you never do that again!

Are you able to help us at all?

I don't know what it sounds like.

Just between the two of us; are you in love with my sister?

He congratulated his son on being a top prizewinner.

How the social contract is going to look like, which will enable the sustainable development of our community? What kind of development model is best suited for this purpose?

It was a great day.

If you come to my house, I will tell you the story in detail.

You have my deepest apologies.

Get that thing off of me.

Subra saw something he wasn't supposed to see.


What is your relationship with religion?

Sorrel worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager.

I believe my purpose in life is to make you happy.

I love this drawing. It's beautiful.

I want him to stop.

Are you a tubist?

I think that for many people learning the trigonometric functions is meaningless.

That's what I like about her.

She will come back before long.

He sowed wheat in his field.

Do you feel any different?

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She went to Mexico by herself.


Tracey stared down at his feet.


What language is spoken in America?

The wedding will take place in three months.

I think you'd like it in Boston.

I'm amazed that you say that.

Just picture to yourself the horror with which I saw the scene.

You really shouldn't bother to do that.

I took part in the sporting event.

It's impossible to see all the sights in Rome in one day.

You are a billy-goat.


Jon helps Lloyd with her homework.

Do you know how the accident happened?

Miles said that he and Damon had had a fight.

There will always be people like me.

We still haven't Known what is the flower's name we saw at that day.


Jem says he was fired.


It'll be a good day.

Did you go to Nikko yesterday?

To tell the truth, I have no money with me now.

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The party went off beautifully.

Let him come aboard.

Slartibartfast is more famous than I am.

I cannot help you.

This ugly yellow reminds me of the color of your bedsheets.


Jin and Amos kept their marriage a secret from almost everyone.

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In some places, the ocean is deeper than the tallest mountains are high!

Just seeing it made me nervous.

Well, this is a surprise.


We made cookies.

Syed is afraid of heights.

You're going to get better.


The company said that it will fully participate in any and all investigations regarding the matter.

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You are watching.

We're broke.

Permission to use the car was accorded her.

Dan could not adjust to life outside jail.

I hear you're getting married.

The article's tone was one of pessimism.

I know this place is haunted.


You can handle it.

It's easy to work in jeans.

I'm not sure this is such a good idea.


Now look at that.

Jerome is no longer a student.

It's just down the street on your left.

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People in different cultures need more or less personal space.

She practices the violin every day.

Giles has received many awards.

He sold his party for money.

He'll probably win in the next election.

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I have supported you throughout.

He opened the door, though I told him not to.

Chemical symbols are used to identify chemical elements.


Sergio hasn't done what we asked him to do.

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A spontaneous fire started in the hay.

Kitty appears exhausted.

The cloth's very faded.

Sho is quite right.

He realized his ambition to sail around the world.


We haven't had anything to eat for almost three days.

I remember the living and I can't forget the dead.

Piete lives in Gangnam.

Teruyuki needs a raise.

My pup took a marrow-bone and sat mousy-quiet in a corner.

Heed public opinion.

These photos are beautiful.

You can't go yet.

I've got to be in Boston by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.


He begged me to come.

My girlfriend is very possessive.

What was all the fuss about?

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I didn't have the sense to do so.

You can't retire yet.

Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?

There's obviously nobody here.

I'm not very busy.


Let me see your prescription.

Can I drive you home?

Joyce and Reiner were a perfect couple. It's such a shame.

Have you ever seen the man in this photo?

I paid a fortune for this.

Where did he go?

I've decided not to sue him.

Well, it doesn't look so difficult to me.

What are you going to tell Herbert?

Philip has broken one of his legs.

"How are things going?" "Terrific. Income and profit are continuing to rise steadily."


That guy's got a big mouth.

Get rich!

Love is the light of our lives. The marriage brings us the note.

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Animals and plants have the right to live, and men even more so.