She advised him not to use too much salt.

Everyone's gone home.

Stefan didn't want to spend any more time with Celeste.

Pope Francis sounded a bit like the Dalai Lama when he said: "I have come to the conclusion that whether or not a person is a religious believer does not matter much. Far more important is that they be a good human being."

The performance by the community orchestra was a delight.

Did I ever tell you about them?

I'll eat it here.

What's the total amount of the bill?

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Dan welcomed Matt into the family.


He knows how to ride a camel.


I am called Sara.

Stars are shining in the sky.

You're not an innocent girl, are you?

So, my enemy, I won't let you attempt on the holy of holies of my heart, you will pay for it, I promise.

Few, if any, will criticize him.

Because of the level of pollution which was said before, you can help the local environment by avoiding petrol-based means of transport, so you can both spend less money and reduce the level of pollution.

Pick that up.


I'm giving it back.

Rahul and Jim are both determined to make the best of this situation.

Tatoeba contains 10 000 Lojbanic sentences.

It may rain in the evening.

Why did Graeme attack you?

I'm really happy I did that.

Carl wants you.

I fasted.

We learned about that from reliable sources.

Do you think I'm the one who did this?

Maybe she has other plans?

She didn't want to hurt his feelings.

I'll tell Edgar later.

Get me some food.

I need to borrow your car this afternoon.


Words cannot describe the beauty.

"How did you know it was I?" she asked, laughing. "My love for you told me who you were."

Our destination is still a long way off.

He is related to the family.

Come with all possible speed.

That's welcome news.

It's high time you left for school, isn't it?

He did it absentmindedly.

I'd like to hug you naked.

Marla is just trying to help.

Billy is eager to help Saul out.

All having been spent on repairs, he applied to the bank for the loan.

In Japan, also, deindustrialization is happening.

How many times a year do you go to the beach?

Mongo said he didn't know what to do.

There is a radio on the table.

Rahul also plays clarinet.

I thought you'd never call.

Judy was forced to improvise.


Please stay away from her.

I wouldn't want to get in Johnnie's way.

He is an authority on China.

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Potatoes give me wind.

Get them out of here.

Hey, is everything all right?

I hope that, with these examples, you can understand better.

All the orchestra were pleased with their success.

Does that make any sense at all?

There are many famous old buildings in Kyoto.


I am gardening these days just to kill time.

This airplane accommodates 400 passengers quite comfortably.

Jeannette asked me why I did it.


Your dog is very big.

He and Aldrin explored the Moon's surface for 2.5 hours.

I just found a solution for the problem.

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What're you doing here so late?

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You could tell by the look on Sharada's face that he was disappointed.

Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

Straka is sad because he is often separated from Barton in German sentences by a comma.


I just want to humiliate them.

Mann walks like a zombie.

Lucius swims better than Joachim.

I've got to be very careful, Jingbai.

Tran has been listening.

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Don't climb that ladder - it's not secure.

Remain calm during the meal.

I told you to call me.

Pete decided to study law.

We went on our vacation then.

This isn't an easy thing for Kerri to do.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.


Is Mother Teresa a good person?

Robbin showed no consideration whatsoever for Mikael's feelings.

It will all be over soon.

Tait is dating one of the lifeguards.

Just like that, hours, days and weeks passed.

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A nation that annihilates all native nations and cultures of two continents, North America and Australia, then drops two nuclear bombs on a densely populated island, would be feared even by aliens.

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I've asked her to help us.

He tries hard.

Nikolai gave me useful advice.

Many a person has had the same experience.

I don't even know your real name.

That would be embarrassing.

It covers everything from the fundamentals of microbiology to the latest news.

Would you give me a hand here?

Three soldiers who came back from the war are renting a house at the edge of a small town on the shore of the Inland Sea and live together.

Dan warned Linda about walking alone at night.

Is that thing working?

Why didn't you warn her?

I'm giving it to you for free.

Sofoklis suspected Gabriel was kidding.

I hear from him every now and then.

We will proceed with the hearing on Wednesday fortnight.

Gods came down on earth to guide humanity to its end.


Svante tried the door.

Isabelle said Glenn would tell me why.

That castle was built in ancient times.

One of the apples fell to the ground.

I bet all will turn out well.

The boy over there is his brother.

Cynthia still has to pay the bill.

"Stupid humans," said the squirrel.

She asked him if he knew my telephone number.

I heard that Rich wants a divorce.

Murray got very angry with Joshua.

I have zero knowledge of English.

Vincenzo had a hard time learning how to ride a bicycle.


Graham should have said yes.

Detroit police take about 58 minutes to answer 911 calls.

I thought you looked tired.


There is enough money for John to buy a car.

I'll never talk during class again.

I think I should've helped you.

Why you give him this gift?

Lalita called.

And then very strange things began to happen.

There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.

I want to greet him, too.

I don't want to leave her.

Rabin could've been injured.

What beats me is how Nils got Shutoku to drive her into Denver.

Do whatever needs to be done.

When I return I want everything to be prepared.

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You may use my dictionary.

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Open the window, please.


Will that be all?


We finally did it.

Do you need a ride somewhere?

The Federation Bosnia-Herzegovina consists of ten cantons.

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Do you have a search warrant?


Money is everybody's problem in a Market Capitalistic economy.


Mitchell often drove under the influence of alcohol when he was young, but was never caught by the police.


He seems to be always in conflict with someone.

Wes and Isabelle continued looking at each other.

I've spent the entire morning cleaning my room.

Even the mightiest of empires comes to an end.

Nobody stayed in my country.

We were all rooting for them.

I wasn't able to get rid of my doubts about that.

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Have you ever lived in a rural area?

School will break for the summer.

Do you have a stomachache?

How many other people know about this?

Local industry flourished throughout the land in the Edo period thanks to the promotional efforts by each clan.

Neptune has a mantle of liquid hydrogen while the atmosphere is a combination of ammonia, helium, and methane. In the upper atmosphere, methane freezes and forms an ice cloud which casts a shadow on the clouds below.

Although I almost instinctively felt some resentment that my employer had placed me on probation after my mistake, I soon overcame my feelings of animus towards her and, instead of harbouring a grudge, resolved to treat the entire affair as a necessary learning experience.

It is next to impossible to go to school.

This is the first time I've ever asked the teacher a question.

She should model her manners on her sister.

The girl brought me a red and white rose.

Hope springs eternal.

The dog barked upon my arriving.


She folded her baby in her arms.

Give us a break.

Christian went there last summer.


Copernicus turned from a person into a personification.

Clark made extremely good maps of the area.

I've decided to tell the truth.