I wonder if there really is a Santa Claus.


Why didn't I listen to you!

I'm trying to avoid them.

I'm just happy as hell that you're here.

Many thanks for your help.

Remembering it depressed me.

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Kay asked Lisa some stupid questions.

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They supported the Allies.

Do not sign a delivery receipt unless it accurately lists the goods received.

I don't think I'll be able to make myself understood in French.


That'd take hours.


It's doubtful whether we can really sell our old car.

He doesn't even listen to me.

Kenton filled the bucket to the top.

He's rather handsome, isn't he?

Urs is sad, isn't he?

Neil Armstrong's famous footprint is still right where he left it.

I suggested that we should stay there another day.

Obviously, he's not that kind of person.

I heard him humming in the shower.

These are graded on a hundred-point scale.

They were stuck for hours in a traffic jam.

Root did what he was asked to do without hesitation.

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she's conceited.

We'll do it tomorrow.

This ticket is good for three days.

What will become of our close relations if the bilateral security treaty expires?

My mom will be happy to see you.

The way Jacob looked at me was so adorable, I just couldn't say "no."

The funding could be inadequate.

Rafael almost got fired.

I'm as tall as you.

I can't believe how stupid I was.

The boys started fighting.


We haven't told Hiroyuki anything yet.

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I wish people were more grateful.

Don't forget I've been to Boston.

I'd like to eat cheesecake to my heart's content at The Cheesecake Factory.


Let's split it.

That may not be possible.

You didn't tell me Harv was busy.

My throat is a bit dry.

I didn't tell you because I didn't know.

A boy like Les doesn't deserve a girl like Bucky.

Did Catherine tell you about his past?


Donna went to bed right after supper.

I am not guided.

These two are standing abreast.


My tea is a little too sweet.


Don't open the door till the train stops.

Jos is going to be really mad.

I really wish you'd do this for me right now.

Keep this to yourself, Andries.

He has gone back to California for good.


That is a unicellular organism.


There was nothing for it but to obey him.

What makes you think Sanjib will listen to me?

I look like a kid.

Return it when you are done.

I have a prior engagement.

You're not listening, are you?

We just need some time.


What's Ken doing?

June raised three children all by himself.

She thought you knew Tahsin.

David walked through the kitchen.

You're to do your homework before you watch TV.


Do I need to explain it to you again?


Those has decided to stay in Boston.

Suresh and Maria waited for the lift together.

This used to be a close-knit neighborhood.

Gil said he doesn't know how to speak French.

Give her the gun.

Not all people are evil bastards.

His coolness has alienated his friends.

I know an English language instructor who comes from Canada.

Many roads remain closed.

What matters is whether you do your best or not.

I want to learn how to use my new digital camera right away.


Plants take in water from the soil.

This has been designated a conservation area.

Do you have friends in Antigua?

You should just talk to her.

Meditation is very important in Buddhist cultures.


Is that blood?


How did you hit on that?

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It's okay if you laugh at your own jokes. It annoys me when Frederic does, but that's because he isn't very funny.

If I were a bad demolitionist, I wouldn't be sitting here discussing it with you now, would I?

A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit children with disabilities.

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I am sorry, sir. We're closing early.

We know they'll come.

What are you boys doing out here?

The woman hugged the baby.

He knows how to shave his beard.

He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Isn't buying paintings for the office a little frivolous?

Did you do that intentionally?

How long does it take from here to Tokyo Station by car?

His steps were clearly marked in the snow.

I know all his friends and what he tells them to do.

It's unlikely that you'll ever be able to convince him that he's wrong.

Grant forced his way into Jimmy's office.

Everyone laughed at us.

There is no way to go there.

It is hard to maintain one's reputation.

I imagine Blayne will be a finalist.

Seeing that movie is something like taking a trip to India.

I sure wish I could speak French as well as Shean does.


We had fun, didn't we?

I didn't know Morton had a horse.

He broke up with his girlfriend; that's why he often tries to kill himself.

Lighting the Hanukkah candles is a good deed.

Please choose a more secure password.

It's not going to be easy to convince Rajendra.

I often have a cold in the winter.

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He rocks.

You need a lawyer.

I'm not German.


Both men took off.

Moore is too tired to do anything.

Father has lost his job, and what's worse, Mother has fallen ill.

Did you know that Robert has three children?

Try to learn a little English.

One must do one's best in everything.

I had it in the hand luggage.

Are they purple?

Phill is probably going to be busy on Monday.

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What you say does not make any sense to me.

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How exactly did Phiroze get injured?

The mayor screened his eyes with his hand.

He knows he did something wrong.

My physical power has decayed.

I feel terrible, but I've just broken your ashtray.

Scientists have learned that, throughout Earth's history, temperature and CO2 levels in the air are closely tied.

That motor doesn't have enough power.


Joyce released all the lions of the zoo.


The wind brought down a large number of trees.

Each of us has his own hobby.

This is the first time I've ever made a mistake like this.

Manjeri knits.

They refused to go anywhere on foot.

Go to the patio.

Some Canadian territories have almost no people.

Sri had to stand in line at the ticket office for over three hours.

We must always be prepared for disasters.


His death is a great loss.

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I'm not a bird, though I'd like to be one.

The man you see over there is my uncle.

People on lower incomes spend a disproportionate amount of their income on rent.

I travel to all parts of the globe.

I understood her feelings and thoughts even without words.


She needed the entire afternoon for that job.

Why don't you buy it?

There's someone here.

Christopher was still wanted for questioning over the disappearance of several cats in the town where he grew up.

I think they want to destroy the base.

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Man is as fickle as autumn weather.

She has twenty children.

I believe we've seen enough.

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Carolyn always used to complain about the Rhonda's cooking.

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Can I get your number?

He will do his best.

I am faced with a mountain of problems.


Rudy has excellent ball skills, but is too short to play basketball at a high level.