Would you promise to keep in touch with me?

Girls are often judged by how attractive they are.

Why are you so upset?

Why did Cory want it?

Are you ready yet?

I have always fed my dog the dog food that comes in the big green bag.

I'm starting to see what you mean.

He looks young, but in reality he is past thirty.

How was the wind yesterday?

The boy grabbed the cat by the tail.

I felt wonderful.


Nobody defended my country.

Kaj eventually pleaded guilty.

You have to make the best of it.

Have you got a mobile phone?

The soul of sweet delight, can never be defiled.

Genocides of the twentieth century killed more people than all the wars.

Red wine is beneficial, its secret lies in dosing.

What kind of a funeral do you want?

I thanked Ahmed for his advice.

I only entrusted the secret to you.

Ernie isn't likely to ever make that mistake again.


I've got a million things to do.


He's really a good guy.

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I found out whose car went off the road.

That car salesman isn't honest.

Lievaart pretends he doesn't understand French.

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We could hear footsteps crunching through the gravel.

I don't think you realize what you're suggesting.

The thief knocked down the jewelry store's door and looted it.

This doesn't fit into any category.

Which one is Agatha?

History can not do without the past.

Ramadoss sits at his computer eight hours a day.

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It was a tough day.

Please tell me if I get in your way.

He lost his job.

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What makes you say that?

Sometimes I have pain.

Why don't you turn on the TV?


Please stay at my house tonight.


This shirt is filthy. Wash it after school.

The climate here is like that of Hokkaido.

Everyone wanted to see what Joon was doing.

We should do nothing.

He knows many things.


I'm a little skeptical.

What are your names?

We'll go see a movie.

I still want a horse.

Suppose it rains tomorrow, shall we still go on the picnic?

Please let me sleep for five more minutes.

I went home.

No appointments are necessary.

They jumped.

The dairy farmer died.

You're sitting in Dwayne's chair.

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The police caught the thief.


You said you were in trouble. How can I help?

She differs from the others in that she has a goal.

Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.

I think that's true.

I hope Saad sticks around.

We're rational.

Leith was badly hurt.

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Stop use and unplug the AC power cord from the electrical outlet immediately if the device functions in an abnormal manner or produces unusual sounds or smells.


He's rich as Croesus.

You better hide.

Kory is lazy and spoiled.

It could be a trap.

He twisted my arm.

Why is there no dinner on the table?

You have to take this.


Then interaction with others becomes important.

I don't have any money on hand.

Marnix has come to see you.


The police officer arrested the burglar.

Since you're going to the grocery store anyway, please buy some eggs.

Have you received a letter from him?

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His performance was worthy of praise.

It's not good.

Wilson could've done better.

Has he given up cigarettes?

I'm waiting at the door.

Was Case working alone?

She will never die.

Mat certainly has the right credentials.

He made a run for it.


How many were injured?

Warren will apologize.

When's the wedding?

Son could be diabetic.

Scott majored in electronics.

My car is parked down the street.

This book is written in easy French.

I've been trying to get Wolfgang to take his medicine.

I'd like a first-class ticket.

I haven't read all of these books.

They will be safe with her.

I'm using the computer.

I'm glad to see you in one piece.

Michiel can understand Swahili.

You shouldn't stay up so late at night.

I'm feeling guilty.

I expected Urs to at least offer to help.

My physical power has decayed.

Svante knew who I was before I told him.


Let me catch my breath.

Let's be magnanimous toward our rivals.

The plane departs at 5:30 PM.

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She insisted on helping me.

She is always confusing salt with sugar.

He wishes he didn't do it.

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You spelled the word correctly.


There's something else you need to do.

The thief got away with the money.

No one knows the answer.

To do him justice, he is not without some merits.

We've got a lot of things to do before we can help you.

Janet was seeking for fame in the world of show business.

I bought a loaf of bread for breakfast.

I have an itch right in the middle of my back and I can't reach it. Arrgghh!

Changing the system is difficult, not to mention the interpersonal relationships.


I like English better than music.

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I think that's a bad suggestion.

Has this ever happened before?

I don't want to look like a dork.

I'm going because I want to.

By the time Isidore got to the bus stop, the bus he was planning to take had already left.

Tiefenthal ran to the door and tried to open it.

There is an urgent message for you.


Do you have Saturday off?

I'd like to improve my English skills.

Let's talk over a cold beer.

They confused the names of the sender and the addressee.

You've got to do that right away.

A megalopolis is a network of multiple closely linked metropolitan areas.

I sell this to you.

I saw a friend.

I'm not fulfilling their dreams.

Anderson has a bike.

What do you say to going to the concert?


He is delighted at your success.

Is the bank still open?

Would you follow me, please?

Curtis shouldn't have come.

I think we need to protect human rights.

This room's orientation is great.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

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This new plan may bring a lasting peace.


Feminine logic is not always logical.

Give Interlingua a chance because it's easier than French, Spanish, or Portuguese and has more similarities to them.

I'm not doing it anymore.

I'm pretty sure Panos's not happy here.

I have the house all to myself.

Turn right at the end of that street.

Father is angry with me.


I want to prove to you that I'm not sick.

I lied when he asked how old I was.

Don't always try to appease women! They know they aren't generally good with technicalities.

Parents should encourage their children to read.

Don't tell her about it.

Hans had no choice but to fight back.

The letter was addressed to me.

Could you possibly suggest a way to solve the problem?

Sangho came to the party dressed as a pirate.

Cheers! Good health!

He is bent on buying the seaside villa.

Bill was in Japan.

You'd better do what I suggest.