Raman and his friends rode their bicycles together around the neighborhood.

Everyone remained calm.


She painted a vivid picture of the event.

The convention opened as planned.

It is possible that I forgot my keys.

I didn't even know that you had one.

Don't tell me. Tell Mario.

When a team makes its entrance, the captain leads the way.

He's useless.

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I'll tell you what I want to do.

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Halloween is just a few days away.

She steered our efforts in the right direction.

The confessional allows to negotiate on errors.


That's interesting. Why would you ask that?


Don't you recognize her?


We're very selective.


Any virtuous idea can be vicious in itself.

Bill leaned over the table and kissed Gary.

After the pictures were revealed, the actress' clean image was tainted.

You won't find anything here.

I asked Thuan why he thought Kamiya wouldn't be at school today.

As often happens, he slept right through the lesson.

Does it still hurt?


Let's speak Vabungula and Yuelami!

Arnold was too fat for Boyd.

Alvin was on TV.

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We study English at school.

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They're mistaken.

What's your relation with him?

Did you have a good weekend?

If nobody knows what's coming next, nobody will be disappointed.

Daren looked deeply into Huey's eyes and smiled.

Do you love her too?

This is nonsense.

I've been on a strict diet.

I don't think it's your fault.

What is the difference between an all-you-can-eat convenience store and an ordinary grocery store in Germany?

Do you have a picture of us?

Please speak in a low voice.

He knows hardly anything about it.


They're paying rent.

Don't leave town.

I thought you said you didn't trust Kathleen.

Sridhar has a friend who lives in Boston.

Let's not worry about what others are doing.

You should pay more attention to your health.

Helge doesn't study as hard as he used to.

Loyd said to say hello.

There is a man waiting for you at the door.


Should I call you a cab?

Many had spent years in British factories.

The crowd began to applaud.

I don't think it's that easy.

We need to win.

The project was plagued by uncertainties from the very beginning, and the team could not draw any decisive conclusions.

Please let me know when you are ready to order.


The average American living space is twice as large as the living space in Japan.


Are you sure that man's name is Felix?

Not in there.

However humble it is, there is no place like home.

Would you please keep the noise down?

Theo's interesting.

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No one knew it.


How sexy she is!


I'll get there somehow.

She's clearly lying.

He has a huge capacity for accepting other people. That's what makes him special.

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Remember that.

I think Huey's interested in Lynne.

That teapot's pretty dirty.

Don't bother to call me.

Do good to those that hate you.

Christophe paid a $300 fine.

The house closest to here is two miles away.

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This is a nice place, but i don't want to live here.

Her dress leaves nothing to the imagination.

That's my final offer.

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Two blacks do not make a white.

I was overwhelmed.

If I were you, I wouldn't worry.

I had intended to attend the meeting.

Be careful. It's spicy.

They live downstairs.

Authorities are still investigating.

I'm being looked after.

She seemed to be suffering a heart attack.


Frederic thinks he left his French textbook at Kristi's.

I was just looking for him.

He knows a lot about animals.

I need to get over her.

No one lets me have fun anymore.

Are you two ready?

Harris wanted to speak with Dean.

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I told Kay that I wasn't busy.

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How did she know my name?


Philippe came to Boston hoping to find a job.

The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.

Myrick showed Tigger his passport.

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Computers are better than us.

What he said scares me.

I'm glad you remember.

Maybe I should tell Milo.

The declaratory sentence which, they say, was passed upon Adam, in case he ate of the apple, was not, that thou shalt surely be crucified, but, thou shalt surely die.


The bugs are everywhere.

She cut down a cherry tree.

There are two cars in his garage.


They met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday.

Next week will be busy.

Gretchen is a native French speaker.

Did you know that Hartmann had a son?

I would like Max to apologize to me.

Now do you see?

He's the only one who's read this letter.

This is quite contrary to what I want.

"My parents are out of town. There's going to be a big party at my house. Do you want to come?" "I'm sorry, but I have to study."

I am tired!

"Are you alright?" "I'll be fine. (That is, once I see a cardiologist. I think my heart stopped.)" "Then you must go to the courthouse! Go with many blessings!"


They should all be fired.


Kimberly woke up when he heard the dog barking.

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In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.

Leora has never been sick.

Brender can't remember exactly what he was supposed to do.


We need to takeoff the shocks as well.

The aphids are making the leaves turn yellow.

I think we should let Kathy go to the party.

It's none other than Hans!

I played tennis with Jean.

What did you want to ask him?

The door opened and there she was, standing in the doorway.


I'll never do this again.


I'm sorry to cause you all this trouble.


I'm not being defensive.


Hey, steer clear of the boss today, he seems really ticked off about something.


I thought you were going to Boston.

I never see you without thinking of my younger brother.

Say hello to him for me.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

These are decisions I want to make alone.

Pascal came to see if Pablo needed any help.

They'll probably be able to cope with the difficulties.


I'm not bringing her.

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It didn't work out quite like I intended it to.

My bed is more comfortable than yours.

In 1683 the Turks attacked Vienna for the second time.

Vadim takes yoga very seriously.

Naren told Travis that she was right.

My favorite color is red.

Kimberly looked through the window in the door.

She watched him swim.

How much does that cost?

Small children are afraid of being left alone in the dark.

I'll expect you soon.

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Maybe I should go deeper into the details.


"Many" is "viele", while "mehrere" is less than "viele"; therefore, "many" isn't so well suited.

I want to share my thoughts with you.

Johnnie must've been sick.

I sell flowers.

I don't mind doing the housework.

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I caught sight of a flock of sheep in the forest.